About The Speaker, The Trainer & Coach

After fifteen years in the policing industry, Carolyne Rashford decided to pursue her dream to motivate and inspire others to achieve excellence. Her experiences as a police officer, working mother and first generation immigrant afford her a unique perspective. It is this diverse viewpoint that Carolyne draws from to connect with her audience. Her passion to share lessons of self empowerment and the importance of self-care gave birth to her professional speaking and coaching career. It is Carolyne’s belief that everyone can achieve their goals if they believe in themselves. Carolyne teaches individuals and groups how to connect with their ‘inner genius’ and utilize their gifts to maximize their potential.

Carolyne moved with her family from Africa to Canada in 1982. Raised by her mother the family settled in Alberta. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology from the University of Alberta. She moved to Hamilton and was hired by the Hamilton Police Service in 1991.

Carolyne is a wife and mother of three incredible children. She counts these as her two most cherished accomplishments. She keenly realizes that without the support of her remarkable husband, her dream would have never become a reality.

Carolyne strongly believes in community involvement, her participation includes;

  • Current a board member of the Blossom Club
  • Past Hamilton YWCA board member
  • Coached basketball at various levels including Rep (Transway Girls)
  • Raised funds for McMaster Hospital by competing in the ‘Cops and Cats’ charity basketball games
  • Volunteered at McMaster Hospital (on the children’s ward)

Carolyne chooses to live her life according to Maya Angelou’s quote:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you
do it.”


Our Mission at StrengthInMe is to teach individuals and organizations the value of self-care and guide them to tap into their ‘inner genius’ so they can achieve success and ultimately maximize their potential.


To be recognized as experts in the area of self care.  To establish ourselves as a resource for people who are looking to discover their talents and use them to their highest level.


1. To Lead With Integrity

2. Treat Everyone With Respect

3. To Be Honest In All That We Do

How We Do What We Do

We educate and teach organizations and individuals to understand the importance of self-care and the positive impact it ultimately has on a team.

We encourage individuals to recognize that change is ever-present and present strategies that can assist them in making and managing change.

We engage our audience by discussing the impact that negative self-talk has on us and present the skills that will turn those negative self-talk moments into a positive and productive conversation.

We teach our participants to look for their inner genius and teach them how to discover who they are really meant to be.

Why You Should Hire StrengthInMe Training

Carolyne Rashford brings her experience and passion to your audience to effect change and drive results home.

Some of the benefits you can expect after listening to our team include but are not limited to:
1. A Positive Attitude
2. Better Communication Skills
3. Reduced Stress
4. Increased Productivity
5. Higher Moral

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(0) Comment... What do you think? ShareThis Plugin If You Enjoyed This Post, Click Here to Suscribe to Our Feed!