Hello Spring

May 8, 2018 | Comments Off on Hello Spring

This morning as I looked out my bedroom window into my backyard, I was surprised to see two daffodils in my garden.  I am not sure why since I know that they come back every year and it is May after all.  However this year winter seemed to have a bitter hold over those of us in south-western Ontario as witnessed by the unexpected ice-storm we experienced a few short weeks ago. My son`s piano teacher said it best when she likened winter to a person who we were arguing with who kept coming back reminding us that there was one more thing they had to say.

The quote above captures the essence of two realities for me, the fact that winter`s grip on us cannot last forever and the more figurative meaning which is that no matter how bad things can seem, they also cannot last forever.

I am beyond excited that we are finally experiencing some signs of spring. The early sunrises accompanied by singing birds, the warmer temperatures that seemed like they would never come back and the emergence of beautiful flowers all signals that spring has truly sprung. My daffodils reminded me that even though they were out of sight they were always present. This can be true in our own lives, during difficult times when faced with uncertainty, we have to know that we will make it through, that we have a strength and resolve that we may be unaware off buried deep within us.

Spring serves as a reminder to us that we can start over again, it is a rebirth of sorts. We can forget about what has happened over the winter and look at what we want to accomplish for the rest of the year. I for one look forward to hitting the re-set button and working harder at achieving some of the goals that I may have allowed to hibernate over the winter.

I hope that spring allows you a new start if that is what you are looking for, otherwise may you enjoy all that spring has to offer in all her glory.

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