Discover Your Gifts, Live Your Gifts, Share Your Gifts

February 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Discover Your Gifts, Live Your Gifts, Share Your Gifts

I believe that each of us has unique gifts and talents and our true life’s purpose is fulfilled when we discover our gifts, live them and ultimately share them with the world.  This year I have chosen this theme to be my driving force.  In our crazy busy lives it can be difficult to take time to do an inventory of ourselves, to look within and examine what we are really about, what we want to accomplish in life and how we want to do it.

After doing some reading on the subject I have found some steps that can help all of us on this journey of discovery.  Here is a list from Deepak Chopra

  • How did you love to spend your time as a child
  • What are you passionate about as an adult
  • What is important to you about life
  • Ask your family, friends and co-workers (ask five people to tell you your strengths)

Lets get started on our journey of discovering our amazing gifts.

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