February 8, 2017 | Comments Off on INTROSPECTION

I always find this time of year difficult, it is hard to top the joy of the holiday season.  The cold dark days seem to last forever and winter seems to want to hang on forever.  I find this the perfect time of year to be introspective, to take time to figure whether I am still pursuing the goals I set for myself and what I need to do if I have fallen off course.

This year is a little different though, I find myself thinking about things that are bigger than me.  I usually steer clear of writing about anything political but I have to comment about recent affairs.  After the election results from the south of us, almost every day brings with it something a little more outrageous than the day before.  The recent news of a travel ban is but one example of all the negative and divisive headlines that have become all too common over the past few weeks.  This past weekend I could not escape the news of families that had been re-united but sadly also those that would not be because visas had been revoked.  I started to think about my own journey and how my mother brought four children from Africa seeking a better life.  I find it incredibly sad that the most powerful nation in the world, the one that so many look to for guidance, the land where dreams come true for so many has now become a nightmare for some.  The leader in this country with one stroke of a pen and absolutely no afterthought threw the lives of many into turmoil.  He has shattered the dreams of so many and there is no guarantee that all will be fixed.  I worry about the future and what is to come, how many more executive orders are going to make headlines?  My only hope is that there will be checks and balances that can stop some of the madness.  We have seen displays of this with the brave judges who have halted the travel ban and the Attorney General who lost her job because she would not support the ban.

During this month of love, let us extend it beyond our usual circle.  Let us try to do something nice for someone who is not in our immediate group.  You never know what impact your act of kindness can have on the recipient.  If we fill the world with love there is less space for hate

“Humaniaty is like the fingers on a hand.  Each one is different.  But we are all connected as ONE.“  Author Unknown

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